Our 2016 Recap: Small Wins Make a Huge Impact

Our 2016 Recap: Small Wins Make a Huge Impact

2016 has been a year of change for Team Rustic Walks. It was our first full year of living together, which gave us a surprising insight into what was working for us and what wasn’t. Things like spending willy-nilly, letting our health decline, and filling our home with excess stuff. We saw these problems, and we made a pledge to fix them. By the end of 2016, we wanted to give ourselves space physically and mentally to figure out what’s truly important.

And you know what, we made pretty good on that promise! We accomplished significant strides in the areas we sought to improve.

Our 2016 Wins:

Even with all of these small wins, it feels like we’ve only scratched the surface. There’s still so much we want to do! Our gameplan for 2017 is to crush our goals and build momentum for continued success down the road. We can see the mountain top off in the distance, but we still have miles to go before we reach the summit.

We are so grateful for the wonderful community we’ve found through this blog that has supported us this year. It’s been so inspiring to watch people learn and grow along with us, and we’re excited to continue that journey with you all.

This is our last post on the blog through the holidays, so we hope you have a fantastic holiday filled with family, joy, and gratitude. See you in 2017!

~Ms. RW

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