A Different Kind of Morning Routine

A Different Kind of Morning Routine

The enigmatic “morning routine.” I am a firm believer that what you do in the morning sets the stage for the rest of the day. At that, I believe in the old mantra of “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It may be more or less disproven as a scientific thing, but psychologically, I think it gives me the boost I need to take on the day.

I used to think I was a so-called “night owl,” because that seemed to be what all the cool people were doing. The people I talked to online would be up into the wee hours of the night, so I figured I should be one of those people too. I ignored the fact that I felt awful every morning, shrugging it off as a part of the night owl complex. As it turns out, I was so miserable in the morning because I was a closet morning person.

Today, if I’m not in bed at a “reasonable” hour, somewhere between 9 and 10, something isn’t right. I look forward to getting good nights of sleep, and although it has caused me to turn down some invitations to late night goings-ons, I find that my general happiness increases when I can sleep well and enjoy a good morning.

My morning routine begins with what I assume most people do first: coffee. As I mentioned before, we use a french press to make our coffee. When I first wake up, I turn on our electric kettle to get the water going. While that’s doing what it does best, I’ll check to see if anything on my phone requires urgent attention, just to be sure Obama doesn’t need my help defending Earth from a giant meteor or something. You never know.

Once the coffee is made, I’ll sit down with Ms. RW and we will talk about whatever is on our minds. She heads out the door earlier than I do, so I usually like to take whatever time we have when we’re both awake to connect before our day. A little later, I’ll be showered and depending on the day, I’ll sneak in an exercise beforehand.

Next up is the big one for me: breakfast. I will do anything I can to ensure I have some form of hot breakfast in the morning, to the point that it teeters on absurdity. Generally, I make a sausage and egg sandwich, but it can also take the form of omelette, scramble, or plain ol’ eggs n’ sausage. I used to be all about bacon, but loose sausage is cheap, filling, and can take whatever shape you feel like. Is today a patty day? Link? Rhombus?

Eggs, the second most important part of my morning routine
Literally every day. Ask Ms. RW. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s where my morning routine tip comes into play. My big secret. My 1 weird trick to make your day that much better, and convert you into a morning person:


Exciting, isn’t it? Nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t want my morning to be prescribed. I don’t want a routine that tells me I need to do this, then that, then that every single day to be successful. No, I take as much time as I can cram in before I need to head to work to do whatever I damn well please.

Do I want to work on a side project? Sure, I can go right ahead. Is today more of a writing day? Do I want to read articles, or catch up on a backlog of podcasts? I can do that, because I’ve planned my morning routine around giving myself as much time as I can to do whatever is on my mind.

I want to be constructive with my time. I put immense value in free time. If I go back to back weekends with no downtime, I can get antsy. If I go on a vacation that’s packed with plans the entire time, it can be problematic for me. I have this burning desire to be building, creating, writing or consuming creative material.

It just so turns out that mornings are a great time for me to be focused, productive and untouched by whatever may cloud my mind from my day. I have a clean slate to work with, and I get to choose what I put down on that slate first. My day begins with my own works. Not the ToDo list of my employer, not the backlog of emails I need to get through, not even the message from the president about the giant meteor.

Really, it could happen.

Here’s my point: give yourself time to explore your passions in the morning. Start your day off right. Maybe breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, but treating yourself to a morning of whatever you want to do will boost your mood and help keep your day fresh and exciting.

My morning routine is to give myself a morning I can enjoy. Also, eggs and sausage. Lots of eggs and sausage.

Try it for yourself tomorrow. The time part, or the breakfast part, too. Give yourself a calm morning, even if it means going to sleep a bit earlier so you’re not taking away from your sleep schedule. You deserve a peaceful start to your day.

~ Mr. RW


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