The Best Way To Declutter: Throw A Packing Party

The Best Way To Declutter: Throw A Packing Party

This weekend we frantically cleaned out our kitchen and threw out as much as we could. The reason? Our apartment building has exterminators coming through our unit, which means everything has to be out of our cabinets. Yes, even the bathroom cabinets. We had an opportunity to tackle the black holes of our home and go through everything we hide in plain sight. We threw a packing party just for our kitchen.

First Step: Take everything out of storage.

Spread it everywhere. Leave it on tables, chairs, shelves, and on the floor. Choose high traffic areas like the bedroom or living room so you constantly stare at the items. It’s recommended to cook during the packing party so you have to dig for every cooking utensil and regret owning so much junk.

Second Step: Evaluate the amount of stuff.

Look it straight in the eye. We have limited storage space, so seeing the immense contents of our cabinets strewn about our living room sent us into a panic. Every surface in our apartment is covered in the brick-a-brac we need every day. Or do we?

Packing Party
This is our life for the next 48 hours.

Third Step: Question everything.

Why do we have two full sets of silverware? When did we last use this waffle iron? How do we have twelve towels for only two people? These questions came up for each of our items. Yet we found so many reasons to keep the majority of our things. We need these cooking utensils. How can we live without them? Of course we need salad tossers if we plan to make salads – which we don’t. We might use that slow cooker once the weather cools down – which we won’t. Are these items really necessities? Or are they hanging around just in case? No, we don’t need them. It’s okay to let go.

Fourth Step: Put away items as you need them.

Replace items that you use daily and repeat until you have everything you need. Is there anything leftover after two or three days? Get rid of it. You have proven that it is not necessary.

Like our closet clean-out, this packing party made us re-evaluate what we consider necessities. We love to cook, but we don’t need all the gadgets and accessories to go with it. Decluttering has become something we do often. We find one area that needs improvement and focus on it. One afternoon of work means we can find an item without digging through the clutter. Less stress, less distraction, and less wasted time.

Try throwing your own packing party this weekend. Get rid of the clutter hiding in plain sight.

~ Ms. RW

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