Apartment Hunters: Do We Need That Extra Bedroom?

Apartment Hunters: Do We Need That Extra Bedroom?

If you asked us six months ago what our ideal next living space would be, we would have said a 2+ bedroom, 1,800 square-foot townhome. We’ve lived in apartments for the past few years, and we felt like it was time to upgrade. We are grown adults that deserve a second bedroom! We would have no trouble finding a townhome or condo that’s a little further away but with twice the space (maybe even a yard for our future dog!). After all, we can afford our rent now. Why not pay a little more for some luxury?

Do We Really Need That Extra Bedroom?

After looking at a few buildings in our area, we decided that we didn’t actually need that extra space. Do we need a den or second bedroom for an office if we’d only spend a few hours in it per week? Why look in neighborhoods that prolong our commutes or force us to drive to work? Would we feel compelled to fill the extra space with more furniture, more knick-knacks, and more clutter than we need?

Instead of looking to upgrade, we are content with something like our current apartment. Preferably without some of the quirks we’ve grown tired of (Mr. RW has some choice words about the noisy A/C units and pipes that haunt his dreams). But we aren’t stopping there. We are planning to get rid of some furniture that would appreciate getting used every once in awhile. Why keep excess stuff around if we don’t need it? Our home should be a reflection of our pursuit to live with intention.

We realized that we are happy with what we have, and it’s perfect for what we need right now. Just because we can afford a bigger home doesn’t mean we need it. We’re learning more and more that we have everything we need for a comfortable life, and we don’t need to keep chasing the greener grass. Sometimes what you need is what you already have.

~ Ms. RW

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