Financial Independence: Our Definition of A Simple Life

Financial Independence: Our Definition of A Simple Life

Picture this: a log cabin tucked in 20 acres of mountain woods, with nothing but sprawling landscapes for miles. Waking up and savoring a cup of coffee on the porch that overlooks a grove, or a tranquil lake, or a quiet stream. Building a simple life that doesn’t revolve around commuting times, but around the things that most require our attention. Family, health, and contribution. Feeling purpose in tending the land – plowing, harvesting, building, sustaining. Creating a home that is more than the 2,000 square-foot, manufactured, white-picket-fence dream for which we’re told to aspire.

This vision is what financial independence means to us. We don’t just want to live free from the anxiety of chasing the next dollar. What we picture for ourselves is a life where we have room to step back from our obligations and just breathe. Our city lifestyle is so disconnected and sheltered from the world around us that we rarely have the opportunity to appreciate it. If we immerse ourselves in contributing back to nature, to something larger than our daily commitments, then we will find the fulfillment we seek.  

We want the freedom to pursue our passions. We intend to create, to learn, to grow. Our intention is to foster an environment where our surroundings inspire us, not aggravate us. Our life should not keep us from the things and the people we love. Life doesn’t have to revolve around the corporate consumerism that prevents us from reaching our full potential. By removing ourselves from the fray, we will regain control of our time and attention. Our simple life can have meaning.

Right now, we don’t have a specific number or timeline for financial independence. We have a vague idea of our goal and what it will look like. That’s okay. Some of us spend so much energy planning ahead so we know what to expect at every turn. We fixate on where we want to go, but the stress of our course detracts us from the joy of the journey. For now, we want to picture our little cabin in the woods and realign our energy toward reaching that goal someday. That’s enough.

~ Ms. RW

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