Minimalist Closet: Project 333 Challenge

Minimalist Closet: Project 333 Challenge

We watched an interview with Courtney Carver, creator of Project 333. We were inspired by her challenge to wear only 33 items of clothing for 3 months, which seemed totally doable. We wear only a fraction of our wardrobe, and even though we’ve spent months culling extra shoes and t-shirts from our closet, there is still more we could get rid of. If we try to limit ourselves to 33 items, maybe we will feel better about the clothes we own. Besides, who needs this much stuff?!

We hunkered down in our closet and counted every piece of clothing, from t-shirts and blouses to necklaces and scarves. Then, we separated things we wanted to keep and things we wanted to donate.

Our Closet Breakdown:

Mr. Rustic Walks Ms. Rustic Walks
Before: After: Before: After:
14 Shirts 14 Shirts 4 Purses 3 Purses
1 Sport Coat 1 Sport Coat 12 Coats/Jackets 6 Coats/Jackets
2 Sweaters 8 T-Shirts 18 Jewelry 15 Jewelry
15 T-Shirts 3 Slacks 14 Blouses 10 Blouses
3 Slacks 2 Jeans 5 Pants 3 Pants
3 Jeans 2 Shorts 5 Jeans 3 Jeans
2 Shorts 7 Coats/Jackets 3 Shorts 3 Shorts
1 Suit 1 Scarf 16 T-Shirts 10 T-Shirts
9 Coats/Jackets 2 Gloves 8 Sweaters 4 Sweaters
1 Scarf 1 Winter Hat 2 Suits 1 Suit
2 Gloves 7 Pairs of Shoes 2 Blazers 2 Skirts
2 Winter Hat 1 Bag 2 Skirts 7 Dresses
7 Pairs of Shoes 12 Dresses 2 Leggings
1 Bag 4 Leggings 3 Scarves
4 Scarves 1 Winter Hat
1 Winter Hat 1 Gloves
1 Gloves 12 Pairs of Shoes
15 Pairs of Shoes
Total: 63 Total: 49 Total: 128 🙁 Total: 86


How Close Are We to a Minimalist Closet?

Looks like we still have a ways to go. It’s amazing to see how many things are stuffed in our closets after counting every single item. It’s also impossible to know you have 15 different necklaces or 14 dress shirts until they’re in a pile in your bedroom. This exercise opened our eyes to how much time, money, and resources we wasted on three boxes of clothes that someone else could use. If we consume less, we waste less. We are now even more committed to culling through our extra stuff and only keeping things that bring value to our lives.

minimalist closet
Our closet after donating 50 + items. Slow but steady progress!

Overall we’re happy with the amount we donated. We got rid of all the obvious extras, and now we can drill down to the essentials. Our goal is to replace our wardrobe with high quality staples that will last a lifetime, but first we have to identify what we need. Ms. Rustic Walks can start a Project 333 challenge for the fall, and Mr. Rustic Walks can sift through some of his duplicate items. Anything we don’t use by November will be tossed without a second thought. 

~ Ms. RW

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Closet: Project 333 Challenge

  1. That is an awesome goal! We just came back from a 6 week road trip, and all I packed for myself was: 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 tank tops, 1 dress, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs of yoga pant, 1 jacket and a skirt (and undergarments!) It was great to see how easy it made life when the choices were limited. For each kid I packed 10 outfits, and when we came home, I donated a TON of their clothes.

    1. Wow, that’s such a good idea! 6 weeks seems like the perfect timeframe to figure out what clothes we wear and which ones are just sitting in our closet.

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